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Why New Writing?

Why is New Writing so Important?

If theatre is to live and breathe it needs a constant supply of new blood, new writing. There is so much in our current world that needs to be addressed – what better place than the theatre? Good luck Paper Creatures Theatre.
— Jeremy Irons, Actor

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New writing is the lifeblood of theatre. The universal themes of the classics will always persist. However, in a world saturated with information, disconnected by devices designed to bring us closer together, it’s increasingly important we preserve a space for the contemporary voices that whisper to us in the dark, revealing secrets about ourselves and our time that we can’t spill in the cold light of day.

And Chekhov has hardly any decent cock jokes.
— Dan Pick, Writer/Director, AD Kuleshov Theatre

At a time when the ‘truth’ is being relabelled as false, we need new plays and new writers keep the spotlight on what is real and fundamental about humanity and the lives we are living right now. I commend Paper Creatures for their new venture. We need them.
— Amelia Sears, Director

New writing is imperative for the simple reason everything was new once. We forget that. Shakespeare was cutting edge at one point! there needs to keep moving, reflect society, ask questions about the world in which we live, in order to stay alive.
— Rebecca Humphries, Actor and Writer
I am excited to support Paper Creatures Theatre, a new theatre company which is committed to finding and developing high quality plays, ensuring that new and exciting voices can be heard
— Lindsey Coulson, Actor

Writers and their words give us a window into unknown territories and unexplored lands, and now more than ever we need to be championing these voices, especially the unheard. Theatre brings audiences and communities together to reflect, debate and discuss the future we shall face together.
— Joshua McTaggart, AD of The Bunker Theatre

How can we possibly begin to respond to the world and political climate of our times? One thing we can do is tell stories and make theatre that audiences can come to, to either escape from and/or be provoked head on by. I am very exited to see what Jon and Nathan can achieve with Paper Creatures Theatre. Their proven passion for British theatre means at least the future of new writing in our country is in safe hands.
— Alex Waldmann, Actor