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Cam is the Golden-Boy. He likes fruit, rugby, and dogs.

He's also just been sectioned. And no-one knows why.


Many deem the thought of losing our minds unfathomable, but what happens when it strikes close to home?

At its heart this is a play that shines a light on the desperate and determined measures taken to reconnect with someone on the road to recovery.


Drawn from a personal experience of our playwright who's childhood friend was sectioned under the mental health act, ‘Section 2’ is a part verbatim piece exploring the idea of what it means to be sectioned and how we process and aid the recovery of those afflicted.

After the success of our sell-out debut production ‘Flood’ which opened at the Tristan Bates Theatre to rave reviews (’A phenomenal debut play for Paper Creatures Theatre, with writing and performances that can’t be faulted. ★★★★★ - Mind The Blog), we are delighted to bing our next production to The Bunker Theatre: Section 2 by Peter Imms, which was shortlisted for the UNTAPPED Award 2018.

We are delighted to be actively working with mental health charity MIND on the script to make sure the content of the play is accurate and truthful to the situation.


Playwright   Peter Imms

Director   Georgie Staight

Sound Designer   Benjamin Winter

Set Designers   Justin Williams and Jonny Rust

Movement Director   Amy Warren

Stage Manager   Helen Burdett



Cam   Nathan Coenen

Kay   Alexandra Da Silva

Peter   Jon Tozzi

Rachel   Esmé Patey-Ford

‘This is an urgent, compellingly written stunningly acted piece of naturalistic drama.’ - Fringe Review


Mind The Blog ★★★★★

Act Drop ★★★★★

Pocket Size Theatre ★★★★★

Always Time For Theatre ★★★★

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★


As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we here at Paper Creatures Theatre are delighted to bring you three short films, telling the stories of three brave individuals who were previously sectioned. Also, some of our creative team discuss the importance of Section 2 and what we aim to achieve from the production.

If we ask one thing from you this week, it's to share these videos and by doing so we can help remove the stigma still attached to sectioning and continue to talk about mental health openly and honestly.

Thank you to Karl Knight, Liz Rotherham, Tom Lincoln, Matthew Ferguson, Mind and everyone else who contributed to the making of these films.


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Thank you.

Section 2 by Peter Imms ran at the Bunker Theatre for the "Breakout Out" season from the 11th of June to the 6th of July. This was a project that meant a great deal to everyone involved.

Thank you to all the cast and creatives, the Bunker for having us, MIND Charity for the creative support, and all those involved with our outreach programs and post show talks, and to every single one of you who were able to make it to the show.

But most of all, thank you to YOU. Just by reading about this subject and watching these short documentaries, you are inadvertently helping make the topic of sectioning and the associated mental health conditions just that little less taboo. Remember, if you, or a friend/loved one appear to be suffering from mental illness, please talk to someone, whether that be someone you know or mental health professional.

For more information, please go to https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/

And as always.... #watchthisspace

Jon & Nathan

Co-Artistic Directors