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Mind The Blog  ★★★★★

ActDrop  ★★★★★

PocketSize Theatre  ★★★★★

Always Time For Theatre  ★★★★

Spy In The Stalls  ★★★★



Mind The Blog  ★★★★★

Millennial London  ★★★★★

Always Time For Theatre  ★★★★1/2

Views From the Gods  ★★★★


The Millennial Generation - Our stories

The term 'Millennials' generally refers to the generations of people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s'

We feel there is more to our generation than what the press and media make us out to be. We aren't just social media addicts. People in their 30's and 20's still Grieve, right? Love? Hate? Fear? Trust? Envy? Pity? You get the idea! 

So, who better to tell stories about Millennials than Millennials? 

We feel that good theatre is about storytelling. We lead with the idea that the story is enough.  we also believe the best theatre provokes, engages and encourages discussion after having left the theatre. 

Good theatre also proves truthful. We welcome all to see our shows and no matter who you are, we hope you can find something that you can connect or relate to from watching our work. 

Paper Creatures Theatre - 'What's in a name?'

It's all very symbolic really. For us theatre starts with a clean sheet of paper (whether it be on an Apple Mac or a crappy old notebook). From this comes the ideas, stories and scripts.

'Creatures' symbolise what we all are at heart, curious beasts who love, laugh, cry and all the things in between.They then manifest themselves into the characters of the story.

Then 'Theatre' is that messy place where we can share it all with an emphasis on the most important thing: the story.

These three words are the most important things to us and they fuel what we aim to focus on most in our work: Story, Character and, well, Theatre. 

We may not be made of paper, but we are all creatures nonetheless!