about us

Paper Creatures Theatre is a new London-based theatre company exploring the simple, compelling and bold stories that hold up a mirror to the Millennial generation. 

It all started in a Travelodge, as all great theatre companies do! 

Two actors. On tour. Classic. 

Evenings after the show for these two actors would consist of mulling over life in their shared room whilst eating a 'Two for Tuesdays' Dominos Pizza, drinking draft beer from the Travelodge Bar followed by binge watching 'Friday Night Lights' on Netflix. 

Talk would often turn to the love of the characters in this show: 21st century, everyday, small town people where a Friday night football game was life or death. In true actor fashion, talk THEN turned to what makes good theatre!

There seemed to be a running theme,  new writing was always something that conversation would return to.

New Writing is becoming a vast growing revolution in the theatre world. Of course the classics will remain, hence why they are 'the classics'. But new stories need to be told! This was a shared view of our two actors.

Inspired by friends who have set up their own theatre companies as well as many venues across the U.K. who cater to new writing, this was something they wanted to be a part of!

The tour finished, but the ideas and discussions didn't. The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn served as the location for the first creative meeting for our two protagonists. Thoughts were shared and talks were had over glasses of The Hoxton house red.

'Why don't we set up our own New Writing Theatre company?'

And here they are....Paper Creatures Theatre! With a brand new play which will be performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre this August, as part of the Camden Fringe!  

Enough of the third person narrative! Although, we hope it did add to your experience. We would like to sign out with some words from our favourite TV series 'Friday Night Lights', which we as co-founders will swear to live by when creating our work.

'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.'

Jon and Nathan

Co- Artistic Directors