‘A phenomenal debut play, with writing and performances that can’t be faulted.’

- Mind The Blog ★★★★★




Paper Creatures Theatre is a new London-based theatre company exploring the simple, compelling and bold stories that hold up a mirror to the Millennial generation.



‘A flawless debut production for Paper Creature Theatre and another hit for Tom Hartwell.’

- Millennial London ★★★★★




Started off like any other day, the odd drop here and there. Then around lunchtime, there’s this huge downpour.

Adam is drowning. His small village has flooded and his loved ones have all moved closer to the capital in search of something better. 

Stranded on an island of nostalgia, whiskey bottle in hand, Adam is forced to confront his future when those closest to him return after the death of his Mum. Upon their arrival, repressed truths and unsettling secrets are revealed. ‘Flood’ is a complex and humane portrayal of a group of friends struggling to define themselves beyond the confines of their small town.

When the water keeps rising, how do you stay afloat?

This new comedy drama by playwright Tom Hartwell is Paper Creatures Theatre’s debut production. Flood will be performed as part of the Camden Fringe 2017.


Director   Georgie Staight

Writer   Tom Hartwell

Set Designer   Oscar Selfridge

Lighting Designer   Ali Hunter

Sound Designer   Benjamin Winter

Stage Manager   Jasmine Cole

Marketing Manager   Johanna Hallin


Adam   Jon Tozzi

Jess   Emily Céline-Thomson

Ben   Tom Hartwell

Michael   Nathan Coenen

Laura   Molly McGeachin





‘An amazing cast and even more incredible human characters who speak about London, life’s challenges and real people.’ -The Upcoming - ★★★★


Our debut show Flood performed a sellout run at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe 2017, from the 31st July to 5th August.

We'd like to thank our entire team of passionate and dedicated creatives and cast, as well as everyone who came out to support Flood and helped share it through the social media universe. Stay tuned for the next one!

Jon & Nathan

Co-Artistic Directors


‘Hugely relatable, funny and executed with style.’ - View from The Gods - ★★★★




Our Work

Past Productions...



Mind The Blog  ★★★★★

Millennial London  ★★★★★

Always Time For Theatre  ★★★★1/2

Views From the Gods  ★★★★


The Millennial Generation - Our stories

The term 'Millennials' generally refers to the generations of people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s'

We feel there is more to our generation than what the press and media make us out to be. We aren't just social media addicts. People in their 30's and 20's still Grieve, right? Love? Hate? Fear? Trust? Envy? Pity? You get the idea! 

So, who better to tell stories about Millennials than Millennials? 

We feel that good theatre is about storytelling. We lead with the idea that the story is enough.  we also believe the best theatre provokes, engages and encourages discussion after having left the theatre. 

Good theatre also proves truthful. We welcome all to see our shows and no matter who you are, we hope you can find something that you can connect or relate to from watching our work. 

Paper Creatures Theatre - 'What's in a name?'

It's all very symbolic really. For us theatre starts with a clean sheet of paper (whether it be on an Apple Mac or a crappy old notebook). From this comes the ideas, stories and scripts.

'Creatures' symbolise what we all are at heart, curious beasts who love, laugh, cry and all the things in between.They then manifest themselves into the characters of the story.

Then 'Theatre' is that messy place where we can share it all with an emphasis on the most important thing: the story.

These three words are the most important things to us and they fuel what we aim to focus on most in our work: Story, Character and, well, Theatre. 

We may not be made of paper, but we are all creatures nonetheless!



Creature Comforts


(PLURAL NOUN) : Material Comforts that contribute to physical ease and well-being, such as good food and accommodation...

In our case, podcasts, features, REVIEWS and videos.

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about us

Paper Creatures Theatre is a new London-based theatre company exploring the simple, compelling and bold stories that hold up a mirror to the Millennial generation. 

It all started in a Travelodge, as all great theatre companies do! 

Two actors. On tour. Classic. 

Evenings after the show for these two actors would consist of mulling over life in their shared room whilst eating a 'Two for Tuesdays' Dominos Pizza, drinking draft beer from the Travelodge Bar followed by binge watching 'Friday Night Lights' on Netflix. 

Talk would often turn to the love of the characters in this show: 21st century, everyday, small town people where a Friday night football game was life or death. In true actor fashion, talk THEN turned to what makes good theatre!

There seemed to be a running theme,  new writing was always something that conversation would return to.

New Writing is becoming a vast growing revolution in the theatre world. Of course the classics will remain, hence why they are 'the classics'. But new stories need to be told! This was a shared view of our two actors.

Inspired by friends who have set up their own theatre companies as well as many venues across the U.K. who cater to new writing, this was something they wanted to be a part of!

The tour finished, but the ideas and discussions didn't. The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn served as the location for the first creative meeting for our two protagonists. Thoughts were shared and talks were had over glasses of The Hoxton house red.

'Why don't we set up our own New Writing Theatre company?'

And here they are....Paper Creatures Theatre! With a brand new play which will be performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre this August, as part of the Camden Fringe!  

Enough of the third person narrative! Although, we hope it did add to your experience. We would like to sign out with some words from our favourite TV series 'Friday Night Lights', which we as co-founders will swear to live by when creating our work.

'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.'

Jon and Nathan

Co- Artistic Directors



Matthew Turnbett Headshot.jpg

Matthew Turbett

Associate Producer

At the sweet age of 17, Matt accidentally fell into producing when he wanted to put on a play independently with his friends. Since, he has covered a range of theatre, including promenade shows at the St. Pancras Crypt, site specific physical theatre in pubs and most prominently, 'Rubber', an immersive show set and performed in a moving car! Currently on his plate is a 3-week run of 'Richard III' at the Barons Court Theatre!

Studying for a degree in Physics at University College London, he has taken a strong stance in the London student theatre scene and is currently the Festival Director of the London Student Drama Festival and the Inter-University Drama Festival. "But why a Physics degree?", many people may ask. "Well", he would reply, "I really like space". And that's about it on that one.  

Having worked at theatres such as the Finborough and the Bunker, Matt is excited to be working with Paper Creatures Theatre - they have a raw ambition that is shared by many, but successfully achieved by few.

Georgie Staight

Creative Associate

Georgie is a writer and director based in London. Starting out as a writer to distract from studying Philosophy at Bristol University, Georgie then turned to directing and completed an M.A. in Theatre Directing at Mountview. Here she found her passion for collaborating with writers on the development of new scripts, right from the kernel of an idea to opening night.

She is interested in drama which engages audience through strong characters and humour.  Technical and design elements also play a big part across her work. Georgie directed Paper Creatures debut production ‘Flood’. Georgie is Joint Artistic Director of Flux Theatre.



Why New Writing?

Why is New Writing so Important?

If theatre is to live and breathe it needs a constant supply of new blood, new writing. There is so much in our current world that needs to be addressed – what better place than the theatre? Good luck Paper Creatures Theatre.
— Jeremy Irons, Actor

Dan Pick Headshot.jpeg
New writing is the lifeblood of theatre. The universal themes of the classics will always persist. However, in a world saturated with information, disconnected by devices designed to bring us closer together, it’s increasingly important we preserve a space for the contemporary voices that whisper to us in the dark, revealing secrets about ourselves and our time that we can’t spill in the cold light of day.

And Chekhov has hardly any decent cock jokes.
— Dan Pick, Writer/Director, AD Kuleshov Theatre

At a time when the ‘truth’ is being relabelled as false, we need new plays and new writers keep the spotlight on what is real and fundamental about humanity and the lives we are living right now. I commend Paper Creatures for their new venture. We need them.
— Amelia Sears, Director

New writing is imperative for the simple reason everything was new once. We forget that. Shakespeare was cutting edge at one point! there needs to keep moving, reflect society, ask questions about the world in which we live, in order to stay alive.
— Rebecca Humphries, Actor and Writer
I am excited to support Paper Creatures Theatre, a new theatre company which is committed to finding and developing high quality plays, ensuring that new and exciting voices can be heard
— Lindsey Coulson, Actor

Writers and their words give us a window into unknown territories and unexplored lands, and now more than ever we need to be championing these voices, especially the unheard. Theatre brings audiences and communities together to reflect, debate and discuss the future we shall face together.
— Joshua McTaggart, AD of The Bunker Theatre

How can we possibly begin to respond to the world and political climate of our times? One thing we can do is tell stories and make theatre that audiences can come to, to either escape from and/or be provoked head on by. I am very exited to see what Jon and Nathan can achieve with Paper Creatures Theatre. Their proven passion for British theatre means at least the future of new writing in our country is in safe hands.
— Alex Waldmann, Actor



We at Paper Creatures Theatre are looking to expand our team, we are looking for people to join ‘The Creature Pack’ (we love a bit of word play)

The Aim: Bringing together a strong unit of theatre lovers all focused on a collective goal of bringing simple, compelling and bold theatre to its audiences.

This is a company that we run alongside our day to day working lives and what we have in bucketloads is a desire to put our theatre company on the map and take on a pivotal role in the new writing revolution which is happening in the theatre world at the moment.

What you will gain from being part of the pack is an opportunity to utilise your skill set and gain experience in theatre production supported by and working alongside a passionate, driven and vibrant team who are committed to making groundbreaking theatre that audiences can engage with and enjoy.

If you any of the job positions below take your fancy we would love to hear from you! Please email us your CV, relevant experience, a short bio (maybe include a fun fact as we do love those) and why theatre and new writing in particular interests you to info@papercreatures.net.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marketing Manager Job WEBSITE.jpg
PR:Press manager Job WEBSITE.jpg

Are you a playwright and have a millennial story you want to be told? Then keep on reading!!

We have a unique approach to theatre making here at Paper Creatures Theatre. Our ethos is that we like to create plays from beginning to end; starting from those first scribbles on a blank piece of paper, and working together  until we have a full-running production with eager audiences ready to soak it all up. We will be with you every step of the way, collaborating on ideas, organising readthroughs, research & development, funding, finding the right space for it, creating and promoting an effective marketing campaign, and finding the perfect team to bring it all together. Its a long process and takes a lot of hard work, but we absolutely love it, and are keen to make sure everyone else on board loves it too!

So if this sounds like a journey you as a writer are interested in taking, get in touch! Please send us a short summary of the idea you have (anything from a kitchen-sink drama, to a high-flying musical, if its to do with the millennials, we're interested), and then some samples of your previous writing work so we have an idea of your writing style. We look forward to hearing from you!

Playrwight Callout WEBSITE.jpg



We at Paper Creatures Theatre are constantly looking to work with new creatives for future projects. Whether you are an actor, playwright, director, designer, stage manager, a lighting designer or a sound designer, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to send us an email with your CV or examples of your work.

Drop us a line to: info@papercreatures.net or fill in the section below.